Monday, September 28, 2009

Multiple Representation Project

I really enjoyed this project. I have always wanted to do something like that but never really got around to doing it. It seems to be easier to do things like that when they are required. I took tons of pictures of different textures. I thought a lot about what kind of environments I could put my logo in to make an ironic or metaphoric statement. Some however I just thought about texture and positive/negative space. I actually own two rabbits at home so it was fun to incorporate that part of my life in this project. Out of my final images, I have several favorites. The first one being the hair in the shower drain. It is nasty. I normally would shy away from representing a rabbit in this way but I feel as an add is is fairly strong. It is nasty and therefore catches peoples attention and brings a stronger reaction. I feel like people would actually notice and pay attention to an add like this.

My other favorite is the shaving cream rabbit. Originally I had asked my dad if he would not shave for a few days so I could shave my image into his face. But he was unable to grow a good amount of facial hair in the amount of time I had in which to do the project. Instead I decided to use shaving cream. After executing this idea, I feel that this way of representing my idea was more effective than I had expected my original idea to be.
A fun idea I had not necessarily related to this particular project would be to choose one environment (i.e. one household inside and out) in which to repeat a
n image. Then keep record of where you repeated it and ask someone to try to find all of them, somewhat like a real life I SPY.

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